8 December 2016

Sud de France

Sud de France, the brand of Occitanie

Launched in 2006, the brand’s objective is to serve as an economic development tool for companies and producers in the Occitanie region. Membership in the Sud de France brand is free and voluntary, thus allowing all members to participate fully in this exceptional regional dynamic, in France as well as on the export market. In addition to actions carried-out at the local and national levels – in major chains as well as in smaller networks – the Sud de France brand has imparted a solid and lasting positioning to wines and regional products on international markets. In Northern and Western Europe, in the United States, Canada or even China, wines and regional products are, little by little, making their way onto store shelves, restaurant menus and consumers’ tables. One has only to look at the exceptional performance of the region’s wines internationally, since the creation of the brand, to see that this is true.

A common identity – recognized by the trade – for all viticultural, agricultural and agri-food products

• A pooling of means, networks, markets, and even products, but also of skills and know-how, thus allowing for economies of scale.
• An impactful common promotion, carried out by the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region throughout its territory and at national and international exhibitions.
• A whole set of communications tools targeting trade and consumers (magazines, online platform for trade, website, food trucks, etc.).